Copper Repipes Are Our Specialty

If you have old galvanized water pipes, over time calcium and rust build up inside the pipes which causes you to loose water pressure, or worse, may cause your pipes to burst. Copper pipes never have build up inside the pipes. These contaminants mentioned above may also clog the pipe internally, which could stop or slow the flow of water to your fixtures.

You might be in need of a copper repipe if you are experiencing:

  • Leaky Pipes
  • Yellow or Rust-Colored Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Bad Tasting Water
  • Scalded in the Shower when someone else uses the Water
  • Rust Spots

Copper Water Piping Lasts for over 100 Years!

With copper water piping your water will be cleaner and have more water pressure. Copper water piping never corrodes or clogs up internally. With copper your family will be able to take a comfortable shower without the worrying about be scalded, you can wash dishes, water the lawn, wash laundry, and in fact, use all faucets and fixtures at the same time throughout your home.

Choose John’s Plumbing & Rooter for your copper repipe because:

  • We use high quality Grade L copper pipes
  • We only use the highest quality of materials
  • We Fully clean every job site
  • Patch all walls.
  • All flooring is covered.
  • All technicians are highly trained

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Why Choose Us?

  • All major work is supervised.
  • All our plumbers are handpicked for professionalism.
  • Up front pricing before the project begins.
  • Fair and honest estimates.
  • We treat our customer’s like family.